How does it feel to be an introvert

I’m an INTJ. Enough has been said here , here, here and here on how introverts face challenges, yet this is my attempt to define what an introversion is, thereby explaining myself.

Firstly, to understand me, you will have to get into my shoe to see the world as I see, and see it for yourself on how I decide on things. I take decision before I am being forced to make one based on my values and I am here because of the decisions I’ve made in the past.

I go to great length in ordering things, and to stick with boring routine to save time for the thing which I’m interested in. I love reading non fictional books, writing and building software and rest all falls into my boring-routine.

Time is one of the things I value and I find long meetings, chats with no take away, small talks and gossips as a criminal waste of time. But when I need to communicate, I will ensure that I don’t take any of your valuable time beyond what is necessary. This one of the reasons why I spend a good amount of time in looking for the right word to express my thought when I sit down to write.

I enjoy reading articles which are crisp, well articulated and make sense in practical day to day life. It should sound like orchestrated music with every single word in it for a purpose.

I am driven by Intrinsic motivation and I don’t look out for motivational story or life hacks to do more. I derive energy from the things I do every day.

After every social gathering, I find myself drained and would want to leave as early as possible.
Probably Dr carmella’s understanding introverted guide and Susain cairn’s the power of introverts TED talk are the best resource online to understand it further.